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August 30, 2011

Hello! + Comics Workshop

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Hello! My name is Chase Chauffe, and I’m the new Teen programming person at the Paradis Library. I’ve got plans and ideas for programs that will hopefully BLOW YOUR MIND, and keep you coming back for more. A little bit about myself:

~ I’m from Bayou Gauche, and went to Hahnville (Class of 2005), but I am originally from southeastern Colorado. My family moved a lot when I was young, so I’ve lived in a couple different places, but my family settled down in St. Charles Parish when I was going into 6th grade.

~ I am a huge NERD when it comes to music, movies, comics and videogames. I love talking about this stuff so please, talk to me about the media you enjoy or geek-out over.

~ I am such a nerd, that I went to college to get a degree in Sequential Art, which is a fancy way to say “comics.” Speaking of which…

The first big program I have planned is a Comics Workshop. It’ll start tomorrow, August 31st, and continue for every Wednesday in September. I’ll teach you guys how to draw anything you want: characters, backgrounds, props, panels, sound effects, etc. Everyone will learn how to draw their own comic book: ideally, you can show up each Wednesday to work on your book, then at the end of the month, no matter how much progress you’ve made, I’ll teach you how to assemble your pages into a book using the photocopier.

I thought I would share some comic pages I did a long time ago with you guys, just to show you how I draw and to hopefully get you excited about making your own comics!


Hope you guys like my comics, and I hope you’re excited about drawing your own! I hope to see you at Paradis on Wednesdays, starting at 3 PM!


September 28, 2010

Happy DIY Bookmarks!

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DIY stands for Do It Yourself!  Mary, our director, is always finding cool DIY projects that teens can do.  This week she found instructions for making these easy and cute little bookmarks on Wild Olive.  All you need is a color printer, cardstock or heavy-ish paper, scissors, and magnet tape!

Instructions are here. There are two sets of patterns you can use– here and here!

Happy bookmarking!

June 21, 2008

Recycled Fashion Workshop

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Recycling maven extraordinaire, Kerry Fitts, led us in a recycled fashion workshop this past Friday at East Regional Library. Just google her and you’ll find out a billion cool things about her art and thrifting talents. The teens who participated were a blast to work with. We had so much fun cutting up thrift store t-shirts and creating entirely new pieces of clothing with them. It was great to have a couple guys join us! The two cousins created intricate appliqué designs of skulls and flames which were a challenge to sew and turned out so cool. One of the girls created a pretty yellow and white wrap shirt made of a kind of slinky feeling fabric. Another took a pale blue-green t-shirt with an unattractive logo on it, turned it inside out, and with some clever cuts and sewing on a ruffled strip of aqua trim with silver embroidery, created something completely gorgeous. Then there was the “chicken time” outfit– a cute dress created from a purple t-shirt, some grey knit fabric, and a chicken head cut from another shirt. Perfect for doing the “chicken time” dance. Thanks my dear, for making that song stick in my head to this day.

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