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September 28, 2010

Happy DIY Bookmarks!

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DIY stands for Do It Yourself!  Mary, our director, is always finding cool DIY projects that teens can do.  This week she found instructions for making these easy and cute little bookmarks on Wild Olive.  All you need is a color printer, cardstock or heavy-ish paper, scissors, and magnet tape!

Instructions are here. There are two sets of patterns you can use– here and here!

Happy bookmarking!

June 21, 2008

Recycled Fashion Workshop

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Recycling maven extraordinaire, Kerry Fitts, led us in a recycled fashion workshop this past Friday at East Regional Library. Just google her and you’ll find out a billion cool things about her art and thrifting talents. The teens who participated were a blast to work with. We had so much fun cutting up thrift store t-shirts and creating entirely new pieces of clothing with them. It was great to have a couple guys join us! The two cousins created intricate appliqué designs of skulls and flames which were a challenge to sew and turned out so cool. One of the girls created a pretty yellow and white wrap shirt made of a kind of slinky feeling fabric. Another took a pale blue-green t-shirt with an unattractive logo on it, turned it inside out, and with some clever cuts and sewing on a ruffled strip of aqua trim with silver embroidery, created something completely gorgeous. Then there was the “chicken time” outfit– a cute dress created from a purple t-shirt, some grey knit fabric, and a chicken head cut from another shirt. Perfect for doing the “chicken time” dance. Thanks my dear, for making that song stick in my head to this day.

November 16, 2007

Paper Flower Power

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The YA (that’s Young Adult) group at St. Rose made paper flowers the other day.

Above you can see Derricka, Victoria and Danel with some of their handiwork.

The flowers were really simple to make. You just cut out somewhat circular (or not) shapes of tissue paper and thread them onto chenille stems. We used autumn colors to be seasonal. You can get creative by cutting zigzag or lobed edges or snipping the edges into ribbons.

Voila… a loverly flower bracelet and ring!

Below is a beautiful one made by Elizabeth.

Join us the First Friday of each month (usually) for teen crafts at St. Rose from 3-4:30. You can find out what is going on each month by stopping by the front desk or calling (504) 465-0646.

October 25, 2007

Japanese Bookbinding

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Here is the tutorial I promised for making hand bound books.

The directions were modified from another tutorial I found online that had good images of the process.

Try it at home, and let us know how it went! Send in a photo and we’ll put it on the blog 🙂

October 19, 2007

Bookmaking gone Crazy

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We had a blast this afternoon making handmade books. We used about 5 or 6 pieces of printer paper for the inside pages and scrapbook paper in cool patterns for the covers. First we stacked our paper together, then folded it in the middle. We had a three hole punch that we used for the holes. We slid our books to the side in the hole puncher and just used two holes.
Then we stretched a rubber band between the holes and secured it with a stick.
Easy as pie. We had cinnamon sticks and regular dowels. The cinnamon sticks were awesome, and I wish we had gotten more of them. But the dowels were pretty too.
These girls are now experts at making books!~

September 24, 2007

Decorate a Fun Notebook

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Art Attack! Crafts for Teens & ‘Tweens

This week come and get in touch with your inner artist and create fun and crazy crafts along with us! This week we are decorating fun notebooks.
Where: St. Rose Branch Library
When: Friday, October 5, 2007; 3-5 pm
Contact: 504-465-0646

September 12, 2007

Make a Mosaic

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Craft Workshop – Tissue Mosaic

Join us for a craft workshop. Come design and create your own tissue mosaic to hang on your wall. Invite your friends & come spend some creative time together. Open to ages 10 & up.

Where: West Regional Library – Luling
When: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM, Saturday September 15, 2007

Make some Earrings

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Teen Earring Craft

Teens! Join us for a fun craft as we make earrings. All materials will be provided, and we will have enough stuff for you to make beautiful earrings that will make everyone jealous.

Contact: 985-764-2366

Where: East Regional Library – Destrehan
When: 5:30, September 27, 2007

Seriously Scrapbooking

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Scrapbooking for Teens

Teens — come join us for an afternoon of scrapbooking! Everyone has pictures that should be shown off, so come and trick out your own scrapbook page!
Bring several photographs and be sure to call the Norco Branch Library to register ahead of time.
Limit: 12 participants.

Contact: Norco Branch Library 985-764-6581

Where: Norco Branch Library
When: 3:30 September 19, 2007

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