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July 11, 2011

Harry Potter Countdown

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The final countdown has begun! As the final Harry Potter movie premier approaches your movie plans are being made, your midnight tickets purchased, your costumes decided, … and your permission slips for our Harry Potter Lock-In are being returned!

No need to worry if you haven’t turned yours in yet, there’s still time! Just pick up an invitation and a permission slip at any branch. Or, print an invitation and permission slip from the link below.

Harry Potter Lock-In Invitation and Permission Slip

I’m sure you’re curious, what exactly will we be doing ALL NIGHT at the library? Here is a little run down to get you as excited as we are:

The night will be jam-packed with Harry Potter fun! After laying out the simple ground rules (Be respectful! Have fun!), the sorting hat will split everyone into houses.

Throughout the night, the houses will compete in a variety of challenges that will give them points toward the House Cup.

In the Horcrux Scavenger Hunt, houses will receive clues that describe the horcruxes and where they can be found within the library. Houses will work together to solve the clue, find the horcrux and receive the next clue.

In O.W.L. Jeopardy, your knowledge of the wizarding world will be put to the test. Houses will compete in a variety of categories, including Death Eaters, Quidditch, Movies, Locations, Enchanted Objects, Magical Creatures and more.

During Quidditch Practice, houses will have to toss a quaffles through goal posts to receive points.

Finally, take a cue from Harry Potter and the other seekers and pay attention to your surroundings through the night. There will be a golden snitch fluttering somewhere within the library, and the first house to find it will receive 50 points toward the house cup!

And that’s not all! In between the challenges, you will be allowed to roam free and watch the Harry Potter movie marathon, make wands in Ollivander’s Wand Shop, create magical creatures in Hagrid’s Hut, make parchment notebooks in Scribbulus Writing Implements, decorate golden snitches in Quality Quidditch Supplies, make invisible ink in Zonko’s Joke Shop, play chess, read the Harry Potter books or just relax in the Forbidden Forrest or your house common room!

Don’t think we forgot snacks. Catch the trolly cart passing and get your beans, cauldron cakes, licorice wands, chocolate covered frogs and butter beer!

Any questions? Leave a comment here or call me, Layla, at the East Regional Library! (985-764-2366)

See you this Saturday!

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