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August 6, 2009

Twilight Fanfiction

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Graceful Darkness

By Abbie Sears, Age 13.

Chapter 1

I looked up into his eyes, smiling lightly, my arms tight around my knees. Edward looked back; his arms wrapped around me, his perfect crooked smile making my heart smack against my rib cage. He kissed me softly on the top of my head, getting up from the couch where we sat together and wandering over to the large stereo which was situated against the main wall in his room.

He flicked through more than a hundred CD’s in one fluid movement and sought out a slow pace tune- something, I suspected, from the early 90’s- and came to join me again, taking my hands in his and pulling me up effortlessly onto my feet.

Pulling my body against his- I could smell the elegant scent that consistently radiated off of him- he danced me around in a slow waltz.
I backed off, rolling my eyes.

“I thought you would have figured by now… I. Can’t. Dance!” I spoke each word slowly, as if he was mentally incapable to understand them. Edward’s eyes were playful as he pulled me back, holding my fragile figure captive in his impossibly strong grasp.

I gave up and let him spin me smoothly until I became dizzy and tripped over my own feet. He caught me just before I could hit the ground and settled me down on the couch and watched me anxiously. I was once again drawn in by his hypnotic gaze- wondering if I would ever come to terms with his inhuman beauty.

Tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear, he bent down and gently placed his stone cold lips onto mine. My heart thudded a crazed pattern as if celebrating my joy, but it was all too soon interrupted by somebody clearing their throat- obviously to be noticed- from Edward’s door. I looked up, startled, to see Rosalie looked disgusted and thoroughly unamused, standing in the doorway.

“Yes?” Edward asked his sister, half pleasant- half stern. Careful to avoid my eyes, Rosalie widened her own in an attempt to pass a message through without words. I didn’t know why she bothered- it was like she had forgotten Edward could read minds. He walked from the room, but not before touching my cheek with thumb apologetically. I sighed, leaning back on the couch and listening to the beat of the music.

I tried to assemble my thought- before realizing I had none. My life was in complete simplicity with my love for Edward like a broom, sweeping away any troubles or fears. The song suddenly changed and a tune which I surprisingly knew started to play through the speaker. At first just tapped my foot but as it grew on me I couldn’t help but start to sing. I got totally carried away. My eyes snapped open and I buried my head in my hands with embarrassment as I realised Edward’s presence.

“Don’t worry, you’re good.” He assured me, his breath cold on my neck, making me shiver. I turned to face him and he chuckled heartily. I realized my face must have been like a beetroot.
Struggling to think of a good distraction, I ravaged frantically through my brain but came up short.

“It’s getting late” He said, his smile slowly fading “I should take you home.”

I chucked a glance at the stereo to where the time was flashing four O’clock. It really wasn’t that late and I had the sinking feeling he just wanted me to leave.

I pouted and he chuckled again, placing one arm around my shoulders and leading me out into the hallway. Jasper, who was standing against a wall on the next landing, smiled gleefully at me as I came into view. In that split instant, I felt a sudden rage come over me and the usual hot tears sprung to my eyes. Edward was glaring at Jasper and mouthing something like ‘not now’ but I couldn’t be sure. But Jasper was focused on me, on changing my emotions.

Then I was sad, almost to the point of sobbing. Edward hurried me downstairs, my brain a flutter of confusion. The emotion changed each second and I didn’t understand why Jasper was doing this, not that I could think that at the direct time, I was too busy laughing at a nonexistent joy.

“Sorry, he’s going nuts lately’ I heard Edward mutter.

When I was finally out of reach from Jasper’s power range, Edward embraced me tightly, holding me close against his chest.

“I’m so sorry Bella, this won’t happen again.”

“Why?” I gasped, hardly able to speak.

He only mumbled a reply, deliberately too low for my hearing. I sat in the Volvo, wondering when Edward’s next whip lashing mood swing would set in and laughter would be between us once again.

“I love you.” I whispered. He smiled but it didn’t touch his eyes.

“Of course you do” He sneered, almost acidly, as if I has said something wrong. He looked into my eyes and the topaz irises held me captive as always and I was unable to look away. “I love you too.” He finally repeated back to me.

It was an awkward car ride home. An icy silence was between us and I hardly to blink let alone talk. He placed his hand on mind, which was rested on top of the glove box.

“Are you okay?” He asked nervously, running his thumb soothingly over my hand.

“Fine” I tried to convince him. His eyes lightened considerably but I could tell he didn’t fully believe my lie.


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