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April 10, 2008

School’s Out Forever!.. the contest.

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Win a hardback copy of Maximum Ride: School’s Out Forever by James Patterson!
How, you ask?

1. Choose a book, any book.

2. Submit a short review. You can use our handy form, write it on a piece of paper, or email it to us.

3. We choose one review at random on May 1st.

School’s Out… is the sequel to Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment where we first met Max and her flock. Not familiar? I’ll try to catch you up, since I just finished reading The Angel Experiment. Max and her friends are “bird kids.” Scientists from The Institute spliced avian DNA with theirs in a creepy experiment to create bird-human hybrids. Max, Fang, Iggy, and the others escaped the cages they were kept in and were living on their own until the Erasers, wolf-humans, came to kick their tails back to the institute. Max, the oldest, leads her flock in flight to evade erasers, find their parents, and ultimately save the world.
There are four books so far in this series, a soundtrack and also talk of a movie. The Maximum Ride website is really cool…go see it.

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